​B3 stands for Be Saved, Be Sanctified and Be Filled with the Holy Spirit to Be what God has called you to Be.



B3 is a ministry for Middle School and High School students. Our mission in B3 is to create a place of fun and fellowship, but most of all to provide a place for students to be challenged and grow in the Lord. 


B3 worship service is on Sunday Night at 6:00 pm in the Youth Center.


B3 Middle School Ministry meets on Sunday Mornings during the Worship Services at 9 & 11am in Room 310.


B3 Middle School Ministry is designed to help lay a strong foundation in the spiritual lives of middle school students that will help carry them through middle school, high school and beyond.  Services will be designed to minister to them on their level while showing them that being a Christian can be fun.  It will focus subjects their age group is dealing with day to day, while raising their spiritual maturity.


Regener8 is the B3 worship band formed from students and leaders.  These students and leaders have a strong desire to worship the Lord and help lead others into worship as well.  Regener8 practices on Wednesdays and Sundays.


S.W.A.T. is the drama ministry within B3, lead by Melissa Ewers and Kelly Strickland.  Students from ages 13-19 come together to spread the gospel through drama.  S.W.A.T. ministry works hard all year performing drama for the Mount Olive First PH congregation as well as outreach functions.


Souled Out Dance (Hip Hop) Team formed by students to show their worship in a new way.  Practice on Sunday afternoons.


PHONE: 919-658-5122 

EMAIL: mofphc@mofphc.org



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